The primary purpose of the European Audit Inspection Group (EAIG) is to create awareness of important issues and promote cooperation and consistency amongst European audit regulators on inspections. The group shares inspection practices and findings amongst its members and facilitates discussions, on topics related to audit inspections, with third parties, such as the standard setters and the audit profession.

Participation in the EAIG is open to audit regulators from EU/EEA countries and may be extended by invitation to audit regulators from other European countries. The EAIG operates within the framework of its Terms of Reference (PDF).

General enquiries about the EAIG should be sent to Any enquiries about inspections, inspection results and the regulatory practices in specific countries should be addressed directly to the relevant member organisation.

The EAIG is not a representative body. Views expressed by participating organisations should not be taken to represent the views of the EAIG as a whole.